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About Us

We are a team of expat experts on international private medical insurance (IPMI). We have been in the business for 25 years as expats living in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Our goal is to provide information to the international citizen consumer so they can make informed decisions and find inexpensive health insurance easily with a few clicks!

Why is this so difficult?

Searching for IPMI on the net is very confusing. What do you search for? A Broker? A Provider? Are they selling IPMI, or Travel Medical Insurance? Is it a domestic broker selling domestic health insurance in a particular country? Some brokers disguise themselves as insurers advertising heavily on Youtube and Facebook that have their own unregulated “insurance” entity with no underwriter making them a ponzi scheme! How do consumers know? It is very frustrating trying to get answers to simple questions because the internet serves up everything, the search terms are ambiguous, they are super competitive, and consumers don’t know the right questions to ask.

Why did they make it more difficult?

Then you have the problem of premiums. It used to be that providers issued premium tables to brokers, they stopped doing that! Brokers now have to go on provider websites to get a quote. How is a broker going to get a feel for what is the best deal for customers if they can’t compare? How are you going to find the best deal among 30 providers? Are you as a consumer, or as a broker going to go on 30 different website quote systems to get the answer? No, you won’t bother even if you knew the right websites to go to, and navigated through all that noise! What are providers trying to hide? High prices? We have done all the work so you can find your best deal one stop shopping!

We have the price comparison engine that does all the work!

What do we compare? We compare the two benefit packages that almost all people buy, apples to apples. We compare inpatient hospital plans with the closest deductible option of $2500, and we compare full outpatient plans with the closest deductible to $250 omitting if possible dental and maternity cover. Can you buy something slightly different? Yes! You can dialogue with us to find the option that best matches your needs. All the providers we recommend are rated for financial strength and have proven ability to pay claims.

We wrote the book!

Our IPMI e-book tells you everything you need to know including all the pitfalls. We want educated consumers for customers that know the right questions to ask.